Empty Bowls Meeting Recap

Thanks to all who made the Empty Bowls meeting on Thursday. We are off to the races.

We have a number of the critical job tasks assigned, recipe but we still need some help with others. The open spots include lead for: o Bowl Collection o Rentals & Borrows o Print Material/Graphic Design o Tickets o Publicity If you would be willing to help out with one of these, salve please let me know! Also at the meeting, we discussed the following: • We are looking at the ticket process this year and planning on utilizing Paypal for everything. It should make the process much smoother, and easier for everyone involved. If Paypal is an issue, tickets can be purchased at Core Clay or Funke’s. • We are providing all CA members with one ticket for every 12 bowls that are donated (not including seconds) with a maximum of 5 tickets. Tickets will be transferable. • Bowls may be dropped off at Core Clay, Covington Clay and Funke’s. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE, bowls received the day of the event are difficult to plan on. We need to verify who commits to making bowls with who actually donates them. • Bowls should have a business card taped to the bottom or on the side. Loose cards will not make it to the bowl table. • The Bowl Throw-a-thon will be held at Funke’s on Sat. Oct. 13th, followed by the Glaze-a-thon at Core Clay on Sat. Oct. 20th. If you have questions, contact Ben Clark or Laura Davis respectively. • Seconds will be sold again. We need to be sure that all the pieces are safe for handling if not for food. There were some people who got cut last year. • The silent auction will have an additional option this year, a buy it now price, similar to Ebay. That will allow someone to take it with them and alleviate the need for delivery after the day of event. The bidding will also start at 50% of the original value instead of 30%. • Demos this year will be at 11:30, 12:30 and 1:30. If you are willing to help out, please notify Daniel Luck or Jocelyn Coulter. And for those of you not sure, if you work the day of the event, you get a free lunch (but not a free bowl, sorry) and credit for Spring Fair. I will hold 4 more meetings over the next 2 months. You are welcome to come to one or all. They will be held at Core Clay at 6:30. I will try very hard to keep them to an hour, but I can’t guarantee it. The dates are as follows: ? Sept. 5th ? Sept 20th ? Oct 4th ? Oct 18th If you have any questions between now and the 5th, please let me know. Thanks again to all the current and future volunteers for this great event!

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