Clarice Allgood Workshop coming this June!

Edge Wise: Exploring the Function, Expression and Grace of Rims and Feet with Clarice Allgood

Please join us for a workshop with Clarice Allgood on Saturday and Sunday, June 22nd and 23rd. The workshop will be held at NKU’s Ceramics & Sculpture building (50 Campbell Dr, Highland Heights, KY 41076), and will be hands-on. Hours will be 10:00 to 4:00 Saturday, and 10:00 to 3:00 on Sunday. Lunch will be provided both days. Clarice will give a slide show and lecture on Friday evening, June 21st at 7pm in the NKU Ceramics & Sculpture building that’s free and open to the public.

The cost of the workshop is $175 for Clay Alliance members, $200 for non-members, and $80 for students.

Workshop Details:

Soft altering for the first day
Altering for soft edges:
Rims: uneven, doubled, squared, ruffled, spouts, beveling, thickening, flattened, soft facets…etc
Feet: just thrown trimming, soft clay trimming and the untrimmed foot

Leather-hard last day, altering pots from the day before and the BYOPs
Altering for harder edges:
Rims: sectioning and cutting edges, adding spouts, faceting, refining and preserving the edge
Feet: deep feet, subtracting or adding, trimming simplified and untrimmed flare, paddling.

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Please visit Clarice’s website to see her body of work:

Let Drake know if you have any questions.


Drake Ash

Workshop Coordinator